Meet Joe McClellan


In 1996, I graduated from Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I was a dual engineer major and earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering.  Prior to graduating from Drexel, in 1991 I completed an Associate in Art degree in Architecture from Ann Arundel Community College, Arnold, Maryland, my home State.

Joe with his horses, Winston & Aspen

Joe with his horses, Winston & Aspen

In 2009, I completed a “Natural Balance Hoof Trimming Course,” which taught me the fundamentals of hoof care.  In 2010 I was employed by Rick Binger a professional farrier and horseman out of Spotted Fever Ranch.  Similar to me, Rick is also an Engineer after 22-months of working with Rick he retired and I took over his client list.

In 2008, I started studying, practicing, and using Clinton Anderson’s “Downunder Horsemanship” to improve my feel, timing, ground work, and riding skills.  I attended a “3-Day Fundamental Horsemanship Clinic” in 2011 presented by Dale Cunningham, a Certified Clinton Anderson Clinician, with my horse Winston.


After graduating from college, I moved to Colorado and found work as a structural engineer.  I was employed full time until November 2010 when the building recession caught up with me and I was laid off from my engineering job.

Using my engineering experience and knowledge on the Laws of Physics, I’ll help you to better understand your horse’s hoof care needs.  I’ll use physical-based evidence to support my analysis of your horse.  Furthermore, I’ll provide sources of reference so that you may study and verify my findings and further your education and understanding of the horse.  The more knowledge you have the better informed your decisions will be and the less likely you’ll be influenced by opinions that make no physical sense and are more than likely based off of rumors and innuendo.