Foundered Hoof

Foundered XrayThis is an X-ray of a foundered hoof of a horse that has founded and had been put down.  Notice how the coffin bone has rotated to the bottom of the sole of the hoof.  This is due from the complete failure of the lamellar tissue.

The photos are of a horse that has experienced an advanced case of laminitis with rotation of the coffin bone and stretching of the lamellar tissue forward of the tip of the coffin bone.

Club Hoof

These are photos of a club hoof.  These were taken in during a very wet spring.  The hoof was in the process of self-exfoliating and breaking the extra hoof wall as required to restore balance to the hoof.  Following the Natural Balance hoof trimming guide lines I was able to trim the hoof the the balanced position for this hoof confirmation.  Notice how “up-right” this hoof is.  This is the balanced position for this hoof.


Wild horses in their undisturbed natural state.  These photos are curtesy of Spotted Fever Ranch.

Einstein has a great saying; “Look to nature and you will understand everything better”.  As an engineer I marvel at the 10’s of thousands of years it’s taken the hoof to evolve into this simple structure.  It’s up to us as horse enthusiast to gain as much knowledge about the horse to protect them from us.