Unbalanced Show Shoeing

This is an example of a Saddlebred who is in show-shoes.  This owner contacted me in a panic because the horse lost its right front shoe and the hoof crumbled away.  The farrier of record was unable to visit the barn to reset the shoes.  This barn is an example of a typical show-barn, regardless of discipline.  All of the horses in this barn were shod by the same farrier and they all looked similar.  I asked the barn manager if any of the horses were lame and she stated that the majority of the horses were being injected on a monthly basis to keep them moving.  My question is why is this being done?  Why doesn’t the farrier, veterinarian, and trainer recognize that these horses are being “soured”?

Upon losing the shoe, the hoof was free to self-maintain to the balanced position.  I didn’t trim this hoof at all.  I dressed the flares, checked for flatness of the hoof wall for a shoe placement.  Notice how much longer the left front hoof is to that of the right.

The following photos document the trim re-shoeing of the left front hoof.