Welcome to Iron Horse Hoof Care


Welcome to Iron Horse Hoof Care, LLC.   My name is Joe McClellan, I’m a structural engineer and farrier.  The objective of this web-site is to introduce myself to you and provide information regarding hoof care.  Many horses are going lame just standing still due to out-of-balance shoeing and hoof trimming.  Let me help you understand why and how to minimize the manmade effects from poor shoeing.

First and foremost, I’m an advocate for horses.  Doing what’s best for the horse takes priority over everything else.  When you hire Iron Horse Hoof Care, LLC you’re hiring a consultant.  I take that very seriously.  Since 2007 I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the horse.  I’ve studied, researched and practiced balanced shoeing, horsemanship, diet, and rehabbing lame and/or stiff horses and more.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience, and passion for these great animals.

On this website you’ll find profiles of the horses I’ve worked with.  With their help, I’ll define “balance”, “level”, “leverage”, “strain”, and “torque”.  I’ll describe the parts of the hoof and how it works as a foundation system to support the animal.   I’ll explain what happens when the hoof is balanced vs. unbalanced.  I’ll use my knowledge of physics and engineering to describe how the horse’s body mass (load) is transferred into the ground and how the ground force (opposite load, a.k.a. force normal) is absorbed into the horse’s body.  Furthermore, I’ll provide you with questions and answers that you may use when interviewing other equine consultants (veterinarians, farriers, trainers…etc.).  Using these questions, you’ll be better able to gage their knowledge of the horse and, more importantly, the hoof.

“No Hoof, No Horse.”  It’s ultimately up to you, the horse owner, to gather good, factual, physical, and science-based information regarding the care and upkeep of your horse.  The health and welfare of your animal depends on the level of your knowledge and who you choose to consult with.